Saturday, 17 November 2018

From The Magazine Rack

Just one of many magazines available for download to the crew's personal display units, for a small deduction from their company credit.

Mothman Black IPA

Mothman is the only serious challenger to Leopard Lager as the 'drink of choice' for crews on the deep-space mining ships.

It's a 6.7% strength medium black ale;  however it's usually in short supply as the producers of Leopard Lager have struck a more favourable deal with the JMC

Pure Himalayan Yeti Meat

Shortly after Yetis - aka The Abominable Snowman - were actually discovered living in the Himalayas in the mid-23rd Century, they were promptly hunted to near extinction before being saved by an intensive captive breeding and cloning programme.

This, in turn, resulted in a surfeit of Yetis... a problem solved by the subsequent discovery that they tasted rather nice.

Tinned Yeti Meat has since become a fixture of kitchen cupboards around the globe and throughout colonised space.

Leopard Lager & Curry

Leopard Lager is a popular brand of lager (5.1% alcohol by volume), brewed under license and stocked as standard-issue aboard JMC vessels.

The perfect accompaniment for a regulation space curry.

Leopard Premium Lager